About Us

Cypress Plumber

Go Green Plumbing provides plumbing repairs and services in:Cypress, Cy-Fair, Copperfield,
Fairfield,Jersey Village, FM 1960, Klein, Spring, Addicks, and North Katy.


We are family owned and operated.

At our home, we hire professionals for A/C, electrical, and pest control help from time to time. We certainly understand how you may feel when it comes to having a stranger in your home. When providing service, Go Green Plumbing looks at things from a customers point of view.

About You:

Go Green Plumbing Cypress Texas is a "Customer First" plumbing service and repair company

Being straight forward, listening, communicating, and personalized service is the foundation that Go Green Plumbing is built upon. 

Training, training, training:

The training of our staff has been obtained through multiple organizations from across the United States. A substantial amount of time and money are invested into this never-ending training. 

These organizations  specialize in; residential repair plumber, and company, customer service satisfaction training aspects.
All to assure you are happy with the end product.

Qualifications & Experience:

Duston Green, manager and Responsible Master Licensed Plumber of Go Green Plumbing L.L.C., is a State of Texas Master Plumber (MPL#38626). He lives in the Cy-Fair area and provides residential plumbing repair services for Northwest Houston residents, and has for over 13 years. 

Our Mission is to protect the health and safety of the public, while having a personally rewarding experience, by providing an exceptional level of service and value to our clients. 

Special custom kitchen and bath remodel services are available, for those clients who require extra attention to detail and custom plumbing fixture installations; pull chain (tank overhead) toilets, claw-foot tubs, special faucet and finishes, also any other plumbing items that the other plumbers and plumbing companies usually run from, or talk their clients out of

Where We Work:

Let's face it- A plumbing company that runs all over town does not save their client money! In fact, they charge more to make up for extra fuel, added wear-n-tear on their plumbing trucks, and substantial wasted plumber productivity.

That is why Go Green Plumbing onlyprovides plumbing repairs and services in:Cypress, Cy-Fair, Copperfield, Fairfield, Jersey Village, FM 1960, Klein, Spring, Addicks, and North Katy. 

Go Green Plumbing Company is located in Cypress, Texas. 

How We Work:

If you choose to fill out the form on the top right of this page. We will confirm your service request information submission within 10 minutes, or you don't pay the house call! (or you can just call 281-960-6576).

Our plumber shows up on time, and smells good! Otherwise, you don't pay the house call

We've all heard the stories, about how other plumbers turn a simple plumbing problem into a virtual ATM machine. Not so with Go Green Plumbing's Up-Front Pricing. Know the price of all your options, before the work is started!

We won't even start the work until you say GO AHEAD GREEN!

We truly enjoy providing premium home plumbing services for those clients who just don't have the time, or do not want to risk being uncomfortable in their home. Most plumbers say it, but we back it with our 100% customer satisfaction guaranty.